How Timeshares Can Be an Attractive Travel Choice

timeshare travel

Timeshare travel is an exciting option for travelers. It allows people to save money, plan their vacations well in advance, and avoid the hassles of budgeting for inflated hotel prices. Many of the top destinations for timeshare travel offer amenities, unique experiences, and world-class attractions.

The travel industry is undergoing a period of volatility. Airlines are actively seeking a $25 billion bailout from Congress. In addition, airlines have announced 32,000 furloughs in the wake of the government shutdown. That means more people will need to find alternative accommodations, which is where timeshares come in.

One of the largest timeshare companies, Wyndham, offers a variety of programs. There are thousands of resorts to choose from, including the Explorer Collection, which offers immersive experiences. You can also sign up for the Wyndham Rewards Program and earn points for staying at the brand’s hundreds of hotels and resorts.

Another big player in the timeshare space is Travel + Leisure. Although the company has struggled in the past two years, the business is now on the rebound. Business grew by 15 percent in March compared to March of last year. However, it also reported bookings down from January and February.

For example, the company’s RCI Exchange offers a simple way for consumers to exchange timeshares. Members of the exchange program can take advantage of special offers, receive discounts, and bank their points for use on future trips. Additionally, the company offers a VIP membership for owners who want to enjoy extra perks.

Another big trend is using annual points to redeem your vacation. This makes your far-flung dreams within reach. While the point system isn’t new, it’s become increasingly popular in recent years. Some of the major resort brands offer timeshare ownership via points.

Finally, another timeshare company to watch is Panorama. With its subscription services, it may become a key player in the industry. By offering a streamlined and easy to use platform, it could prove a game changer for the timeshare industry.

Although the price of airfare is rising, timeshares are still a cost-effective travel solution. Most timeshares offer better accommodations than hotel rooms. They also feature kitchen facilities, which can help cut down on your overall vacation costs.

If you’re wondering how timeshares can be an attractive choice, talk to your sales agent about the benefits of a timeshare. Your representative can explain the difference between a fee-simple and a right-to-use contract and how they can make your vacation dreams a reality.

If you’re considering purchasing a timeshare, make sure you choose a company that will allow you to switch to another resort when you need to. This will enable you to get the most value out of your week. Also, don’t be afraid to speak up. Being a good advocate for your timeshare will give you a leg up on your peers.

Lastly, if you’re not interested in owning a timeshare, consider renting out your unit. Not only will you gain valuable value for that particular week, you can also find a new renter to take your place.

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