How to Sell a Timeshare

sell timeshare

If you have a timeshare you want to sell, there are many things to consider. You can sell it on your own, use a company to help you, or turn to a reputable resale agent. Regardless of your decision, make sure you know the ins and outs of selling a timeshare so that you can avoid costly mistakes.

Some timeshares can be easily resold, while others require more effort to sell. These include units in large developments that have multiple owners, or in developments with complex rules and regulations that make it difficult to sell.

To sell a timeshare, you must find out how much it is worth, and then put it up for sale. The price you set will depend on several factors, including the resort, the week of the year and the desirability of your vacation destination.

Brand-name resorts like Disney, Hilton and Marriott in Hawaii, Las Vegas or Orlando typically have more resale value than smaller, independently owned timeshare resorts with less demand. Even in hot markets, you will have to price your unit competitively to make it stand out from the competition and get it sold.

You can list your unit on an online marketplace, such as TUG or eBay, where buyers will have access to a wide variety of timeshares for sale. This method can save you a lot of money in advertising fees, but it will also require you to be very competitive on price.

There are a few other ways to sell your timeshare that are more traditional. You can sell it to the developer you purchased it from, or give it to a nonprofit organization that will give you a tax write-off.

A timeshare can be a great way to travel for years to come, but after a while you might realize that it’s just not right for you anymore. You may not be able to afford the high maintenance costs, or you might just want to get out of the deal altogether.

You may also want to sell your timeshare if you’re facing a divorce or other life change that requires you to move the ownership into your name only. Moving the deed into the name of only one owner can speed up the process, so you should discuss this with your resort or timeshare company and finalize any changes before putting it on the market.

Other ways to get rid of a timeshare might involve a buyback from the resort or a conversion of your points into another product. These can be risky and take longer than other options, but they could provide you with a quick, hassle-free exit from your timeshare ownership.

Getting your timeshare off your hands can be easy and inexpensive, especially when you work with a reputable resale company. These companies will help you with everything from timeshare resale advertising to closing the deal.

The best thing about working with a resale company is that they are licensed real estate agents who understand how to handle the legal transfer of your timeshare from one person to another. They will also take care of the details, including removing your name from the deed, and transferring it to the new owner. The cost of working with a resale agent will vary, but they usually charge 25% to 50% of the total sales price.

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