Sell Timeshare For Cash – What Developers Don’t Want You to Know

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Whether it’s buyer’s remorse from high-pressure sales tactics or an inability to use the timeshare they bought, some owners find themselves wanting to sell their timeshare for cash. But selling timeshare isn’t as simple as listing it on a site and waiting for someone to bite. There are a number of things that most sellers don’t know about the timeshare resale market, and it’s not in the developers’ interest to tell them.

Timeshare resale buyers are more informed than ever before, and they do their research. They know that timeshares don’t hold the same value as real estate, and they’re looking for bargains that allow them to travel more often for less money. This is why so many owners are finding themselves unable to sell their timeshares.

Most people who buy timeshares new do so in response to high-pressure sales pitches. The developers spend 40-60% of their sale price just on marketing, and they’re finding first-time buyers who are willing to pay inflated prices for something they think is a great deal. But once they get the timeshare, the new owner is shocked to discover that the resale market offers only pennies on the dollar for their purchase.

That’s not to say that all timeshares are worthless, but it does mean that you can expect to sell yours for a lot less than what you paid for it. The resale value of your timeshare depends on a variety of factors, including the desirability of the destination and the resort, and the week you own. Brand-name resorts in popular vacation destinations such as Hawaii, Las Vegas and Orlando will have more resale appeal than independent resorts located in less desirable areas.

Unless you want to be stuck with your timeshare for life, the best option is to hire a licensed real estate broker who has a strong knowledge of your developer’s timeshare resale process. They’ll be able to help you understand what timeshares in your development are selling for on the resale market, and they’ll guide you through all of the paperwork and procedures that must be completed in order to sell your timeshare.

Some timeshare resale companies will ask you for money upfront to cover advertising fees or legal expenses. This is a red flag, and you should never give anyone money upfront for any reason during the resale process. If you’re working with a reputable broker, they should be willing to take care of all the details on your behalf and not ask for any money upfront. If they don’t, you should look for another company to work with. Getting the right help will help you avoid getting scammed and save you time, money and hassle in the long run.

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