A Timeshare Owner’s Story. Some Laugh, Some Cry, Some Wished The Never Did.

The timeshare industry is a $9.8 billion dollar industry. That is bigger than baseball. Most Americans had no idea how large and powerful the timeshare industry really is. For companies to force customers into lifelong contracts where if they do not pay their credit will be smashed to no end. They will face foreclosure, and sent to collections. Some of the worst cases timeshare owners have wage garnishment. These are power players to where State Attorney’s offices bring fines and public demands in timeshare fraud cases but yet they still roam free to collect their $9.8 billion.

To give you an idea of about the scale of this industry. 5 years ago timeshare was a $4.5 billion dollar industry. In 5 years this industry doubled in size, even with VRBO, AirBnB, Expedia Rewards, and Hotels.com you would wonder how timeshare can still be growing.  Well I can tell you. With the birth of points and conversion platforms becoming more diverse, you can exchange your points for other things, like consumer goods and airline tickets.

Of course I am writing this article during a time of the COVID virus tickets for airlines are about $89 round trip to Orlando Florida to see Mickey. So your 25,000 Wyndham points will get you about zero. This story many timeshare owners have gone through to a certain degree. But it is my experience being the timeshare exiting industry where I have heard the same story countless times. Just the other day I had a call come in where the client was still at the resort in Vegas. I said,” When did you buy it”? He responds, with. “Yesterday, what do I do”?.

“Well sir you run down to the sales office with a written demand to cancel your contract immediately. Place your name , address, and contract number on the document and sign it. When you hand them the cancellation request make sure they hand you confirmation in return.”

He was gracious in his response and followed my instructions. I saved this man roughly $20,000 dollar timeshare, and potentially another $4500, in fee’s if he wanted to cancel it with any outfit in America. This guy had no idea how close he was to having a miserable experience when he thought he was getting the deal of a lifetime.

I wish I could have saved you all prior to purchasing your timeshare. But you didn’t call me. so I will leave it to its your own fault. I am kidding. You didn’t know me then, nor did you see me on CBS for consumer protection, and timeshare cancellation on a radio show called You Have Power Radio With Attorney Justin Clark. So for no further delay, here you go.

This is the timeshare owners’ story. The beginning to the end. The how it happened, they oh my goodness that was my situation. I can say that many timeshare owners have experienced this to some degree, and it may even be worse. The point of this story is all the situations are similar, and the facts are the facts. I hope you enjoy this little short story.

A long time ago, in a vacation spot very far away, there was you;

You have been given a free trip or a heavily discounted one at that. During your stay you most likely where approached by many resort salespeople who convinced you to come to a breakfast or some buffet to hear about the “owner’s updates”. This will be the last time you will be timeshare free until you hire someone to get out of it. This part is like a movie where  we are watching a friend going off to war knowing this may be the last time you see him alive. Only this is timeshare ownership.

Your presentation was insightful, and the locations are amazing. Heck, even the resort is amazing, but there is always a catch. They explain this formula to saving on hotels by having timeshare ownership, or prepaid vacation sounds great. But when is the last time you went on vacation? I mean a real vacation. The only reason you are on this one because someone called you after work telling you about a free cruise, and three other trips to Mexico, Myrtle Beach, and South Beach. I assure you purchasing this timeshare right now you will never make it to those other locations in fear of buying the second timeshare.

You have done your tour and are on the front line they call in the timeshare industry. The sales pitch is in full force. Hot and heavy. The salesman flips the writing paper upside down, and scribbles numbers on it to explain  how much money he can save you with this timeshare, and all the other freebies you get. The works. The show you how the cost of points have increased and you are getting a deal because next year they will be even more expensive. Possibly $3-$5 each, more. At this point you may even be convinced you can resell your points and make a profit. A profit?

Later, you may laugh or cry at that statement but currently  you are in a high-pressure sales situation being victimized. For some weird reason you are now sold on something that seems like a get rich quick scheme you may even be able to retiree from. But you better not tell your spouse you are getting into the timeshare vacation rentals business. Because if they find out you just potentially dumped thousands into this timeshare. Oh buddy you are in trouble. And if both of you are in the presentation together one of you were saying this may not be a good idea. While the other said we can take this wonderful trip again next year, and for less money. C’mon the kids will love it.

You decline the offer but now the tag team of the “retail” manager, and the finance guy who casually brings up they have “surplus” properties where another owner upgraded. They tell you some of their owners sell their units and they have this one for sale at a discount. Well that seems like a potential bargain. I am going to save 5-7 grand on buying someone else’s unit, and the other timeshare owner upgraded. And for him upgrading these fine salespeople sold his unit and even rolled the profits to his new purchase.

You tell yourself, “So, if for some reason I do not want this timeshare, or I find that it does not work out. I will have them sell it”


“Yes I can always sell it”, you feel confident of your decision.


Unfortunately, they have been lying through their teeth and there is no other owner or “surplus” anything. The scam of timeshare resale value, resale markets, or even the resort helping you to sell it has started to become the knife in the back you never thought would come from this multi million-dollar hotel company. But it does!

You have returned home from your vacation. You skin burnt to hell like a lobster, and as you unpack your clothes a folder falls out. The timeshare contract and all the other paperwork you did not read while on vacation.

Because,” Who the heck reads the crap anyway”? All it says is,” blah blah blah, here is your points and this is the monthly cost of $300 bucks and I can go whenever I want, and I can sell this darn thing anyways”. Seems to be the reassurance you tell yourself.

Life continues naturally, monthly payments continue, and as the year rounds out a timeshare maintenance bill arrives. This you will learn to become a dreaded time of year since the dollar amount increases 5-15% yearly. Yes yearly.

As you check your online banking telling yourself, “Dam, we better book something so this money does not go to waste”. You start to plan your next trip.

You yell out to yuor spouse, “ Hey Hunny, how about July 4th? for our next vacation’

 “You always get extra days from work off”, “The 4th is even on a Thursday so we can have a longer week, and you know we get the extra rooms for the kids”. You tell your spouse and think to yourself, “This is starting to sound like a doable plan.”

So, you call the timeshare booking department to find out all the  blacked out dates are the dates you want to go.

“Darn, what about this weekend, or the other weekend?”, You ask the booking lady.

All of the dates are denied and there seems to be no available slots for a year or longer.

“Ma, am, I am just trying to take my family on a nice trip, so I don’t waste this $1500 in maintenance money I just paid you guys.” You tell the booking lady.

 “Sir, I completely understand however you do not own enough points.” She tells you lightly on the phone.

 “Enough points? I have plenty of points I paid $18,000 for my timeshare how can that not be enough points? You fire back, with a little sweat coming down your brow.

Was This Your? Sure Felt Like It.

 “Well sir, you are not a platinum member yet, you would need to upgrade for another 10,000 points and then we can get you those weeks you wanted. In fact, since your already an owner I can get them discounted. Would you like to upgrade and then we can book you for that amazing trip you want?” the sales lady responds.

This is the most aggravating feeling you have had in a long time. Emotional broken, and the hopes of a vacation is slowly going away unless this upgrade happens. Plus the value is good, and the resale market is booming. I mean look at the housing market. Equity, Equity, Equity.

“Well how much does it increase my monthly payment?” you ask.

“It will increase it by only $63 dollars, and that’s not bad. The other folks I spoke to have the same points upgrade for $110 a month increase. You are definitely coming out ahead” “So how about it?” She hopefully states.

No credit check, no money out of pocket right now, and can book this trip you so desperately need. You ponder and do a quick budget analysis and finally give in.“Fine, lets do it, and I want to book now too please.” You request.

“Of course, Mr/Mrs Sucker…I can accommodate all of that. Let me upgrade your account to a higher level of sucker, and setup another contract that is lifelong”, she responds with a smile, a new commission check, and your misery continues. What? Did anyone listen to her?

For many of you reading this that may have been the conversation you had on the phone or in person during your second or more timeshare  vacation. After you arrive and check in at this new upgraded week the similar events start to happen. Again you are rushed to your room and tasked with attending the  “owner meeting” because its “mandatory”. Even though you just want to get to the pool, this damn owner meeting guy will follow you around everywhere if you do not attend. I bet you did not know you don’t have to attend the darn thing.

After dodging the meeting for about 3 hours, you venture down to the owners meeting to see this what was so urgent. Son of a gun, the same presentation, same forceful attitude and you are now being told your new upgrade will not matter because they are changing the points structure this year. So that means next year you will be back to the same situation of  black out dates and increased fee’s. Great, this is lovely. timeshare owners

“Oh no sir you guys aren’t going to get me to upgrade”, You mentally reassuring yourself.  You will not budge. Yea right, you are talking to salespeople where their employers have spent millions of dollars to perfect the process to get you to say “yes”.

Now the programs are advanced. Payment options have credit card with high available balances for you. Barclays credit cards, rewards cards, travel points and low interest rates. You will even have extra room on the card to use for other purchases. Shopping! Isn’t this nice? Now you have a mortgage payment time two and a credit card payment. How the heck did this happen?

Do not worry you can always sell the timeshare, “right?”

The time has come. Timeshare bills are killing you. Your spouse wants to kill you. The dog wants to kill you. And the banker looks concerned a $1100 per month is going to the “timeshare” company only second to your mortgage. You haven’t even booked another trip in a year, 2 or even 3 years.


I want to sell this timeshare. And who would the best people to sell it? The timeshare salespeople, you would think. So, you call the timeshare sales office and they proceed to tell you they do not sell second hand timeshare units, and you will have to use a reseller. They also will not give you any names or reputable reselling companies. But what about the timeshare upgrade guy from years ago? Well he may haven been imaginary.

Now if you use a reseller you will soon find out they will take $500-$1500 of your money and do absolutely nothing, and you will have been scammed. This seems to be a pattern here since the beginning of the timeshare adventure.

Well if you are going to sell anything secondhand, eBay is the place to go. Let us face it. Everyone goes to eBay or Amazon to buy items second hand. timeshare owners

You search on eBay to find out the timeshare you bought for a whopping $35,000 is going for $1 on eBay and even some for free. Free? Holy Cow Batman. Crying is OK at this point and hiding it from your spouse for a day or two is perfectly fine. Take it from me. The embarrassment of being taken for thousands of dollars, especially when your significant other said we should not buy it stings like hell.


This could not be any worse. The timeshare salespeople literally lied to your face. Told you the timeshare had value, it would increase over time, and they even said it had tax benefits.

Those are all lies.

The worst of all now you must give it to your kids with this perpetuity clause. Should have read that darn contract. Great, now little Susie gets my timeshare nightmare. Just hope she does not find out before you go to a nursing home. Why? Because you will end up in state facilities somewhere near a creek and a tire plant instead of some lavish retirement community because of increased maintenance fee’s. timeshare owners

What are your timeshare cancellation solutions? Well not many. But I can tell you this. I have seen it all when it comes down to timeshare situations. The good, the bad, the ugly. And I can say this confidently.


You have been taken advantage of, that was clear. But the contract you signed is nasty and it will take time to cancel. You run the risk of your credit being attacked, but I have a solution for that. You will have to be patient. You have a 10-year mortgage and a lifelong maintenance agreement. This timeshare company is not just going to roll over. But we have proven solutions.


These are some programs must haves to make sure you are picking the right company to help.

  • Do they deal directly with the resort?
  • Do they have a credit management program? If so who? You want to talk to the team or person who is going to be handling your credit. Don’t just take their word for it.
  • Are the insured and bonded?
  • What type of guarantee to they have?
  • Do they stop debt collectors? Is there FDCPA protection?
  • Can they get this deed out of your name? 
  • Check their reviews.

One of the single more important parts to timeshare cancellation is credit. A cancellation company who doesn’t have a credit solution or a debt collection defense is not doing the client any good. That is exactly where these timeshare companies are going to come after you if you decide to stop paying. Stopping payment may be involuntary just due to your finances. You will need to make sure someone can help you with the protection of your credit.

I have been canceling timeshare contracts for a good 7 years. I have been in credit and risk management for another 13 years. I have combined both industries to effectively provide services for our clients. I have developed a program targeting accounts which are inaccurate, fraudulent, sold on false pretense, consumer rights violations, and just down right lies off of our clients credit. We use many regulatory agencies to help defend our clients against any financial attacks, and debt collectors. Remember you never opened the account with the debt collector and you are under no obligation to pay them. However this does not mean you do not communicate with your creditors.

Our program is aggressive and focuses on the  long term protection of our clients. Most companies do not care about their clients years later, but we do. We ensure our cancellations are permanent, and if a debt collector is to arise years later the documentation in hand is enough to make them run in hopes you don;t go after them.

Now if you have researched our company you will noticed we have been around for about 2 years. This may make some timeshare owners nervous but rest assure we deliver results, and with your online portal you will see everything happening 24/7. 

If you are concerned about credit, and you feel ripped of by a timeshare company then you need to call Timeshare Debt Cancellation. 407-807-0715 There you will find solutions, real ones. We do not sugar coat your situation, and our results are proven. 

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